Top 5 Fitness Programs to Join in India

If it’s about fitness, nobody can take a step back but when it comes to travelling miles to go to the gym, it’s more like a task before the real grind. Been said that you can’t lie like a pumpkin on a couch and try to escape from a healthy lifestyle. 

After the pandemic, the world adapted the online mode and today almost everything is available online within just a few clicks, the fitness section is also not left uncovered. There are multiple benefits of online fitness classes/programs to throw light on and provide reasons to choose them. 

From cutting travel costs and time to practicing them from the comfort of your house, they are promising, result-driven and one can buy fitness programs.  

Covering 5 Best Fitness Programs in India to sign up for:


One of the best live streaming fitness programms you can ever sign up for!

They provide a wide variety of fitness Yoga, Dance, Zumba, Workout sessions. Talking about pre-recorded Yoga classes, they cover- 85 sessions ranging between 40 mins to 1hr+ each.

For Dance and Walk Fitness they offer more than 200 sessions. For Burn out workouts, they offer 5 sessions each of 30 mins including Abs Smash, Core Conditioning, HIIT: Belly Burn, Fit 30: Belly burn, and Tones Abs & Core. 

You can also go for live workout sessions, sessions by your favorite Instructor, level of session, or format of the session. 

2. Wizards of Wellness

WOW is an Internationally renowned virtual program powered by LesMills. They provide live virtual sessions with no equipment needed, easy to implement workouts and priorities real-time feedback. Scrolling down to their website, you’ll find some crazy packages like- LesMills BodyPump, LesMills Bodycombat, LesMills Bodyattack, Zumba, Yoga and Cardio. The best part is they are available all 30 days and the program is flexible. If you are considering buying a fitness program, add this to your cart!

3. Physique 57

What if you can observe transformation after 8 workouts? Enough of amazement! This New-York based company with a Mumbai flagship studio known for its 57-minute workout that blends cardio, strength training and stretches claims that you will notice results after 8 sessions. 

Not just this, they state that the members never get the same workouts as their creative trainers come up with one or another creative idea every time. 

4. Nike Training

If it’s about Nike, we are sure about the credibility and transformation we receive. Nike offers free access to its premium workouts on the Nike Training Club app for an indefinite period. The training plan covers a duration of four to six weeks and offers 190 workouts led by trained Nike’s professional trainers.

5. Strong App

This app is a must recommended for fitness addicts. The interface helps you to track the record of your gym or online workout session by showcasing logs, bars and analyzed stats. The app is for both Android and iOS users. You will find animated videos with exercise instructions inside the app. 

If fitness is like a summer drill for you, then these Indian programms are chilled water! Now you have got no reasons to skip fitness or if you are someone who is troubled with offline gyms, now you know what’s in for you!

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