Kids Fitness


WOW Kids Fitness program

The ultimate fun and fitness program for your children of ages 6 and above, where they can advance their way into staying active and healthy even while staying indoors! This program features a variety of age-appropriate fitness classes like

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Few golden benefits of the program

1. Happier, Healthier and Energetic Kids
2. Improved heart and lung health
3. Strong muscles and bones
4. Improved body posture and flexibility
5. Enhanced body and mind coordination

Class info

1. Music and Fun based programs
2. The group fitness classes are conducted live on Zoom
3. Real-time guidance and feedback by trainers
4. Convenient schedules
5. Sibling Discount available

Select Package

Registration Fee – ₹500, 1 Month – ₹1499, 3 Months ₹3499


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